Those who don't know How to Unlock Sheena in Vampire Survivors are now in the right place. We have all the details in this article for you.

There seems to be some misinformation about unlocking Sheena in Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns. Here's a clarified explanation:

How to unlock Sheena in Vampire Survivors
Unlocking Sheena:

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Evolving Weapons:** The key to unlocking Sheena involves evolving specific weapons, but the order of character unlocks is slightly different.
Unlock Reihenfolge (Unlock Order): In German, "Reihenfolge" means "order." Here's the correct order for unlocking the necessary characters:
  • Brad Fang (Unlocked by surviving 15 minutes with any character)
  • Browny (Unlocked by evolving the Fire Arm weapon)
  • Sheena (Unlocked by evolving Browny's starting weapon, Sonic Boom)
Brad Fang & Fire Arm:
  • Play a run with Brad Fang, who starts with the Fire Arm.
  • Level up the Fire Arm to level 8. There's a chance it will evolve into Browny.
Browny & Sonic Boom:
  • Once you have Browny, select them for a run.
  • Browny starts with the Sonic Boom weapon.
  • Level up the Sonic Boom to level 8.

Weapon Evolution (Unconfirmed):

The information about needing specific passive items (Armor) and Weapon Power-Ups for evolution is currently unconfirmed for Sheena's unlock. Evolving weapons typically only requires the base weapon reaching level 8.

Finding the Evolved Weapon:

  • After reaching level 8 with the Sonic Boom, continue playing.
  • Look for evolved weapon drops from chests or glowing orbs.
  • The evolved weapon for Sonic Boom might be called "Wave Beam" (unconfirmed name).

Alternative Method (Unconfirmed):

There might be an alternative method involving finding the evolved weapon directly, but this information is not yet verified.

Additional Notes:

  • Unlocking Newt is a separate path and not required to unlock Sheena.
  • Focus on enjoying the gameplay and exploration while aiming to level up the necessary weapons.
By following these steps and focusing on evolving the Fire Arm and then the Sonic Boom, you should be able to unlock Sheena in Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns. If you have any further information about the specific evolved weapon name or alternative unlock method, feel free to share it!

This way we come to the end of this article on How to Unlock Sheena in Vampire Survivors, so we hope that our guide has been very helpful for you to unlock Sheena.

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