Do you know how to unlock Newt in Vampire Survivors? If you don't know, don't worry, because we have this covered for you here.

Newt is one of the strangest additions to the game and if you don't know how to get him, just keep reading.

You've got the right idea on how to unlock Newt in Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns! Here's a breakdown of the key points:

How to unlock Newt in Vampire Survivors
Unlocking Newt:

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  • Collect Grenades: You need to gather a total of 28 Grenades during a run on the Neo Galuga map.
  • Grenade Rarity: Grenades are relatively rare items. They can appear as pickups or dropped by specific enemies.
  • Silver Drones: Look out for silver drones hovering above the stage. These drones sometimes drop Grenades when defeated.
  • Light Sources (Not Guaranteed): While not a guaranteed source, Grenades can also be found within destructible Light Sources that resemble lamps.

Recommended Method:

  • Natural Gameplay: Focus on regular gameplay and exploration in Neo Galuga. Destroying everything might not be the most efficient strategy, and it can take a long time.

Tips for Faster Unlock:

  • Clover Passive Item: This item increases your invisible Luck stat, which can slightly improve your chances of finding Grenades in various ways, including Light Sources.
  • Characters with High Luck: Consider using characters like Divano or Exdash, who have a natural Luck bonus.
  • Prism Lass Sword: While not directly related to unlocking Newt, grabbing the Prism Lass sword during your Neo Galuga run is generally recommended, as it's a powerful weapon.

Additional Notes:

  • Breaking every Light Source is not necessary and can be tedious. Focus on exploration and defeating enemies for a more enjoyable experience.
  • There are other methods for unlocking characters in the game, but this guide specifically covers Newt through Grenade collection.
By following these tips and playing on the Neo Galuga map, you should be able to find the required Grenades and unlock Newt in Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns!

Así llegamos al final de nuestra guía sobre Cómo desbloquear a Newt en Vampire Survivors, esperamos haber sido de mucha ayuda y esperamos que logres acceder rápidamente a él.

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