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Next, we will show you Who Asa Mitaka is in Chainsaw Man

Who is Asa Mitaka in Chainsaw Man

After falling in love with manga and anime it is normal for everyone to ask who is Asa Mitaka in Chainsaw Man, if you search online you will find that she is in the center of the second part of the series.

She is also at odds with the series hero Denji, and takes center stage despite him being the starting Chainsaw Man.
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But Who is Asa Mitaka in Chainsaw Man, in a nutshell, Asa Mitaka is the protagonist of Chainsaw Man Part 2, this is a normal high school student who was known for being clumsy, some time later she was killed by her class president controlled by Justice Devil in retaliation because her teacher was interested in her.

As she died, War Devil offered to save her life in exchange for giving up control of her body, she, desperate to live, accepts and becomes a pseudo-War Fiend who can still control her body as long as War Devil gives her. give control.

After War Devil kills the class president and introduces himself as Yoru, he makes a contract with Asa whereby she could retrieve her body if she helped him track down and kill Chainsaw Man, releasing the Nuclear Weapons Devil from his stomach in the process. .

Once agreed, she has been trying for the second part of the series to find a way to kill Chainsaw Man, but this is not going according to plan, it is becoming apparent that she may have more in common with Chainsaw Man than usual. what it looks like

  That would be all we can show you of who Asa Mitaka is in chainsaw man manga
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