I was recently exploring for a feature and managed to find it, that's why we will tell you How to put highlights on Instagram without adding to the story, so that you can also learn how to do it.

I've been trying to learn how to do this, highlight Instagram without adding anything to my story, this allows you to boost your profile in a much more attractive way, regardless of what you use your account for.

How to put highlights on Instagram without adding to the story

You're absolutely right about Instagram not offering a direct way to add highlights without putting them on your story first. Here's a breakdown of the two workaround methods you mentioned:

Method 1: Close Friends List

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  • Advantages: This method allows you to potentially maintain a curated Close Friends list for specific content.
  • Disadvantages: Requires some management of your Close Friends list and might not be ideal if you don't want a separate close friends group.

Method 2: Delete and Restore Stories

  • Advantages: Doesn't require managing a separate Close Friends list.
  • Disadvantages: Extra steps involved in deleting and restoring stories. There's also a risk of accidentally making the stories visible again if you restore them before 24 hours.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Temporary Workarounds: Both methods involve manipulating the system and might not be permanent solutions. Instagram could potentially change their process in the future.
  • Alternatives: Consider creating multiple accounts if absolute privacy for certain highlights is crucial. This approach has its own drawbacks in terms of managing multiple accounts.
Ultimately, the best method depends on your priorities. If managing a Close Friends list is acceptable, then using that approach might be simpler. If you prefer not to have a separate list, the delete and restore method can work, but it requires more steps and has a risk of accidental exposure.

Now that you know how to put highlights on Instagram without adding to the story, we hope you can give your account the boost you were looking for and get the results you wanted.

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