If you want to know how to check if the Samsung phone is original or fake, you must follow the following steps

Sometimes the Samsung phone offers can be very good, but first you must make sure that the Samsung phone is original or fake once you receive it. To verify this, you can keep in mind that most counterfeit devices have visible details that make them stand out, such as poorly positioned camera lenses, mispronunciation or incorrect placement of the logo, uneven or missing buttons.

In case you spot something like this, you can contact the retailer of the device for further clarification. However, in many cases these problems are not visible, so continue reading the publication.

How to Check if Samsung Phone Is Original or Fake

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Leveraging the IMEI Number (Most Reliable Method):

Retrieving the IMEI: Utilize the Universal Standard Service Code (USSD) to obtain your phone's unique identifier, the IMEI number. Simply dial *#06# on your keypad.
Cross-Referencing the IMEI: Locate the IMEI number printed on the sticker of your phone's box and meticulously compare it to the number displayed on your phone's screen (accessible through Settings > About phone or Battery and device care). A perfect match strongly indicates a genuine device.

Verifying Device Specifications:

Accessing Device Information: Explore the Settings app on your phone and locate details about your device, including the model number, software version, and hardware specifications (RAM, storage capacity).
Official Source Comparison: Visit the Samsung website and search for your specific model number. Verify if the specifications listed on the website precisely align with the information displayed on your phone. Additionally, consult the user manual for confirmation.

Samsung Members App Registration (if applicable):

Launching the App: Locate and open the Samsung Members app, a pre-installed application on most Samsung devices.
Navigating to Support: Within the app, identify the "Support" section.
Registering Your Device (Proceed with Caution): Follow the on-screen instructions to register your phone using the model number or IMEI number. While a successful registration can be a positive indicator, some counterfeit models might be able to register as well. Therefore, exercise caution when solely relying on this method.

Additional Methods (Use with Limited Reliance):

Diagnostic Tools (Availability Varies): Certain Samsung models incorporate a pre-installed diagnostic tool. Successfully accessing and running this tool can be a minor indicator of authenticity. However, the absence of such a tool doesn't necessarily signify a counterfeit device, as its presence can vary depending on the model and software version.
Maintenance Mode (Availability Varies): Some models offer a "Maintenance Mode" feature designed to secure your data during repairs. If your device possesses this functionality and operates as expected, it can be another positive sign, but not definitive proof.
Bixby Functionality (Unreliable): Reconfigure the Side button (if applicable) to activate Bixby and press and hold it. If Bixby functions as expected, it can be a minor indicator, but Bixby malfunctions can occur on genuine devices as well.

Definitive Verification at a Samsung Store (Highly Recommended):

For the most reliable confirmation of authenticity, visit a physical Samsung store or authorized service center. Bring your phone, purchase invoice, and original box. Store personnel can utilize their internal systems to definitively verify the device's legitimacy.

Important Considerations:

Counterfeit phones might exhibit subtle hardware or software discrepancies compared to genuine models. Be observant of irregularities in build quality, screen responsiveness, or software performance.
If you suspect you might have a counterfeit phone, avoid using it for sensitive activities like online banking or financial transactions to safeguard your information.
Always purchase Samsung phones from reputable retailers or authorized sellers to minimize the risk of acquiring a counterfeit.

Purchasing an original Samsung phone is crucial to ensure optimal and safe performance, by implementing these methods, particularly checking and verifying the IMEI number at a Samsung store, you can effectively assess the authenticity of your Samsung phone and ensure that you have a Genuine product with all the associated benefits.

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