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In this article we are going to teach you how to hide photos on my iPhone

What are hidden photos in iPhone?

  On iOS, the Photos application gives you the option to hide photos and videos from the Library, so that they are more secure and that others cannot easily access them, however, this option is not so secure, so we will show you how to hide photos. on me iPhone the right way.

How to hide photos in me iPhone?

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As we mentioned before, the new version of iOS offers a way to hide photos and videos in a simple way, once you launch photos on the iPhone, choose the album you want to view and tap on the top right corner, then select the photos and the video you want to hide, press the share button and choose hide from the Share sheet menu, finally confirm that you want to hide the photos and videos.

  Once you want to see your hidden files just open Photos on your iPhone, in the album list scroll down and tap on the Hidden album in the Other albums section that appears at the bottom, then tap on the hidden photo or video you want view, select the Share button and press Show.

  However, it is worth mentioning that this option is not so secure because it simply ends up being saved in an insecure album called Hidden, which can be accessed by anyone who sees the device. For this reason, the best way you have of How to hide photos on my iPhone is, in the Notes application, with it you only have to add photos and videos to individual notes, as well as scans and sketches of documents, these notes can be locked with a password or you can use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock it.

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