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Discover the best locations to obtain the experience booster in Super Mario RPG and level up your gameplay.

Title: Where to Get the Exp. Booster in Super Mario RPG: A Friendly Guide:

Super Mario RPG is a beloved classic that combines the best elements of platforming and role-playing games. One of the essential aspects of any RPG is leveling up your characters to become stronger and more capable in battle. In Super Mario RPG, leveling up is achieved by earning Experience Points (EXP) through battles. In this guide, we will focus on a game-changing item called the Exp. Booster, which can significantly speed up your leveling process. We will delve into where to find it, its cost and availability, how to equip and use it, and its visual representation in the game.

Section 1: Finding Frogfucius' Student in Seaside Town

Seaside Town is a vibrant location in Super Mario RPG, characterized by its serene atmosphere and coastal charm. It is here that you will find Frogfucius' Student, the seller of the coveted Exp. Booster. This friendly character can be found in a specific area or shop within Seaside Town. Keep an eye out for a sign or ask around to locate this valuable vendor.

Section 2: Cost and Availability of the Exp. Booster

To acquire the Exp. Booster, players must be prepared to part ways with 22 Frog Coins. While this may seem costly, the benefits of this item far outweigh the price. With the Exp. Booster equipped, your characters will earn double the Experience Points from battles, allowing for faster and more efficient leveling. It's worth noting that if the need arises, players can sell the Exp. Booster for 11 regular coins, providing a safety net for any financial concerns.

Section 3: Equipping and Using the Exp. Booster

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Equipping the Exp. Booster is a straightforward process. Once you have purchased it from Frogfucius' Student, head into your inventory menu and locate the Exp. Booster. Select the character you wish to equip it to, and voila! Your chosen character is now ready to reap the benefits of accelerated leveling.

It's important to note that even if the character with the Exp. Booster is not currently in Mario's party, the item remains effective during battles. This means that you can rotate your party members without losing out on the doubled Experience Points. Take advantage of this feature to level up all your characters evenly and maximize their potential.

Section 4: Visual Representation of the Exp. Booster

The Exp. Booster is visually represented in the game as a medallion necklace with the inscription "EXP x2." This clear and concise artwork serves as a constant reminder of the item's effect on doubling Experience Points. It's a fantastic visual cue that allows players to see at a glance whether the Exp. Booster is equipped or not.

In Super Mario RPG, leveling up is crucial for overcoming challenging battles and progressing through the game. The Exp. Booster is a game-changer when it comes to speeding up the leveling process, and finding it can greatly enhance your gaming experience. Remember to head to Seaside Town and seek out Frogfucius' Student to obtain this valuable item. Equipping and using the Exp. Booster is a breeze, and its visual representation as a medallion necklace clearly indicates its effect on doubling Experience Points.


So, level up faster, defeat tougher enemies, and unlock the full potential of your characters with the Exp. Booster in Super Mario RPG. Happy gaming!

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