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Discover the hidden location of the Mountain Palace in Star Ocean The Second Story R and unravel its secrets.

Welcome to a friendly guide on how to find and explore the Mountain Palace in the game Star Ocean The Second Story R. This majestic palace is located in Kurik, closer to Krosse City than Krosse City itself. Follow our step-by-step instructions to embark on this exciting adventure!Star Ocean The Second Story R is a popular role-playing game that takes players on a grand adventure filled with captivating storylines, engaging battles, and stunning visuals. One of the highlights of this game is the Mountain Palace, a dungeon that holds valuable treasures and challenges for players to conquer.

1. Locating the Mountain Palace:

To begin your journey to the Mountain Palace, you'll need to head towards Kurik. Once you reach Kurik, look for a path leading up the mountain on your right-hand side. This path is easily identifiable as it stands out against the lush greenery of the surrounding landscape.

Take this path and start ascending the mountain. As you make your way up, you'll encounter various obstacles and enemies to battle. Be prepared with your strongest weapons and skills to overcome these challenges.

After a tough climb, you'll eventually reach the entrance of the Mountain Palace on your left. Before entering, keep an eye out for a chest with an item at the end of the path. This chest may contain valuable items that can aid you in your adventure.

2. Accessing the Mountain Palace:

Once you've located the entrance to the Mountain Palace, it's time to gain access to this magnificent dungeon. However, before you can enter, you'll need a pass obtained through Ashton's side quest.

To start Ashton's side quest, you must first recruit Ashton into your party. Ashton is a skilled swordfighter with a tragic backstory, and he can be found in the Linga Mountains. Once Ashton joins your party, talk to him and he will reveal his desire to obtain the Dragon's Bane sword.

To acquire the Dragon's Bane sword, you'll need to travel to the Cave of Trials, defeat the Dragon Zombie boss, and retrieve the sword from its treasure chest. Once you have the Dragon's Bane sword, return to Ashton and give it to him.

As a token of appreciation, Ashton will reward you with the pass to the Mountain Palace. This pass is essential for accessing the dungeon and unlocking its secrets. Be sure to keep it safe and ready to use.

3. Exploring the Dungeon:

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Now that you have the pass to the Mountain Palace, it's time to delve into the depths of this grand dungeon. Prepare yourself for an hour-long adventure as you navigate different paths, collect valuable loot, and engage in battles against enemies.

The Mountain Palace is a multi-level dungeon with various pathways and rooms to explore. Each room presents its own challenges and rewards, so be sure to thoroughly explore every corner.

As you progress through the dungeon, you'll encounter powerful enemies that will test your skills and strategy. Make use of your party members' unique abilities and unleash devastating combos to defeat these foes. Don't forget to heal and restore your party's health and mana using items or spells to ensure your survival.

Throughout the Mountain Palace, you'll come across chests containing valuable treasures such as weapons, armor, and accessories. These items can greatly enhance your characters' abilities and give you an edge in battles.

4. Ashton's Side Quest:

It's important to note that the Mountain Palace is part of Ashton's side quest. Completing this quest will not only grant you access to the dungeon but also reward you with unique items and further enhance your gaming experience.

By completing Ashton's side quest, you'll not only strengthen your party but also uncover more about Ashton's past and personality. This adds depth and immersion to the game, making the Mountain Palace exploration even more rewarding.

With our friendly guide, you now know how to find and navigate through Star Ocean The Second Story R's Mountain Palace located in Kurik. Get ready for an exciting journey filled with treasures and challenging battles!


Remember to take your time exploring each pathway and enjoy all that this magnificent palace has to offer. The Mountain Palace is not only a treasure trove of valuable items but also a testament to the game's intricate level design and captivating storytelling.


Happy gaming, and may your adventure through the Mountain Palace be filled with triumph and glory!

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