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Discover the average number of daily likes on Bumble and enhance your online dating experience.

Title: How Many Likes Per Day on Bumble: A Comprehensive Guide:

In the world of online dating, Bumble has emerged as a popular app that empowers women to make the first move. With its unique features and user-friendly interface, Bumble has gained a significant following. However, it's important to understand the daily like limit on Bumble to maximize your experience on the app. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the details of Bumble's daily like limit and explore ways to bypass it.

1. What is Bumble's Daily Like Limit?

To maintain a balanced and enjoyable experience for all users, Bumble has implemented a daily like limit. On average, users are allotted approximately 30 likes per day. This means that you can swipe right on up to 30 profiles within a 24-hour cycle. This limit ensures that users are selective in their choices and prevents excessive swiping.

To verify this information, a Redditor conducted an experiment by tracking the number of likes available each day. The results confirmed the approximate daily like limit of 30. It's important to note that this limit resets at the same time each day. For example, if you send a like at 8 PM, it will reset and be available again the following day at 8 PM.

2. How Does the Like Limit Work?

Understanding how the like limit works is essential for making the most out of your Bumble experience. The daily like limit operates on a 24-hour cycle, encouraging users to be thoughtful and intentional in their swiping. By setting a limit, Bumble aims to promote quality connections rather than mindless swiping.

Let's consider an example: If you reach your daily like limit by noon, you won't be able to send any more likes until the limit resets the following day. This encourages users to review profiles more carefully and invest time in making meaningful connections. By being selective with your likes, you increase the chances of matching with someone who is genuinely interested in getting to know you.

3. How to Bypass the Like Limit:

If you find yourself reaching the daily like limit consistently and want to explore more profiles, Bumble offers the option to upgrade to a paid subscription. Two popular subscription options are Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium, both of which provide unlimited likes, allowing you to go beyond the daily limit.

a. Bumble Boost:

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Bumble Boost is a subscription plan that offers users additional features and advanced filters. With Boost, you can see who has already liked your profile, rematch with expired connections, and extend the time for matches that are about to expire. The pricing for Bumble Boost starts at $19.99 for one week, $39.99 for one month, and $76.99 for three months.

b. Bumble Premium:

Bumble Premium takes the experience a step further by offering additional bonus features and advanced filters compared to Boost. In addition to the features provided by Boost, Premium users can access a Beeline, which shows users who have already swiped right on their profile. Bumble Premium is priced at $19.99 for one week, $39.99 for one month, $76.99 for three months, and also offers a lifetime subscription at $229.99.

By upgrading to either Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium, you can enjoy unlimited likes and explore a wider pool of potential matches.

In this comprehensive guide, we have explored the daily like limit on Bumble and ways to bypass it. With approximately 30 likes per day, Bumble encourages users to be selective and thoughtful in their swiping. However, if you desire more flexibility and want to explore beyond the daily limit, upgrading to a paid subscription like Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium is an option worth considering.


Before making a decision, it's important to assess your preferences and dating goals. If you are serious about finding meaningful connections and want to take advantage of additional features and advanced filters, upgrading your subscription may be the right choice for you.


Remember, the ultimate goal is to create genuine connections and find someone who aligns with your values and interests. So, whether you decide to stick with the daily like limit or choose to upgrade, Bumble offers a platform where you can meet like-minded individuals.


Thank you for joining us in this comprehensive guide. We hope this article has provided valuable insights into Bumble's daily like limit. If you're interested in exploring more articles related to dating and online platforms, feel free to browse our website. Happy swiping!

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