Users can reduce PDF files before emailing or downloading them. This makes them take up less space. As a result, the time spent on sending or downloading is saved. There are tools that can be utilized in real-time. When they are used, the format and quality remain the same. No destroyed or compromised parts are supposed to be present.
Compression means reducing the size using the original coding. As a result, fewer bits are used than initially. No information is lost.

How to Reduce PDF: Step-by-Step Guide

One of the features is to compress PDFs to 100KB. You can process up to hundreds of documents per minute. This takes a few seconds. Such work is done independently. Six criteria are considered when choosing an appropriate tool:

  • Absence of restrictions. It can be used as many times as necessary.
  • Fast compression. The time required for the operations should not exceed a minute. Users do not have to wait for hours.
  • Security. Files should not be uploaded to the server during processing.
  • Addition. There is the possibility to compress multiple files simultaneously.
  • Convenience. A good choice is a tool that can be used without relevant knowledge is suitable.
  • Capacity. The software should work independently of the operating system and browser. 

  • After selecting the tool, you can move on to reducing the size of the document. All actions are performed in four steps.

  • Select the tool and open it.
  • Drag the file into the shrinking window.
  • Wait for the compression to complete. The page shows the degree in percent and the new size.
  • Perform the download procedure to send it later.

  • Once you have gone through all the steps, it is recommended to save the document. The minimum file weight for processing is 5 GB. The quality should remain the same. Each document is preliminarily scanned. In the first stage, similar patterns are identified in the data. All duplicates are changed to a unique identifier. The result is much smaller than the original document.

    Modification After You Compress PDF

    If a file doesn't look perfect, you can modify it. This requires efficient and fast documents. They should be easy to use. The original document can be converted into different formats. For example, Microsoft Word provides all possibilities for easy reading and easy editing. 

    Text files can be converted to JPG to transform images into a popular format. It is most often used when working with photos. The advantage is the optimal compression algorithm. Other advantages include:

    • small size;
    • high compression ratio;
    • it is recognizable by all browsers.

    You can choose the file size yourself. It is compatible with various text and image editors. Photos are correctly displayed on the screens of cell phones, smartphones, and tablets. It is possible to work with images where contrasting transitions are observed.

    It is possible to add pages after reducing the size of each page in advance. Scanned files can be reduced even further.

    Compressing a File to Send It via Email

    When sending e-mails, you may see the message "Excessive file size". In this case, the problem can be easily solved with the help of a tool called Soda PDF. It is an excellent choice for working with files of any size. All manipulations are performed in five steps.

    • Download Soda PDF Desktop software.
    • Create an account.
    • Close and restart the application.
    • Download the document and open it.
    • Click "Convert" and "Download" buttons one by one.

    A separate column displays the exact size of the current document. Users can then look at all the conversion options to select the appropriate one. Thus, the final view of the document is displayed.

    The situation can be illustrated by an example when a two-hour presentation needs to be emailed. Especially if it is planned to be opened on a cell phone screen. First, the quality is selected:

    • low;
    • good;
    • supreme.

    The first option is suitable when users process a large document. In this case, the number of bits will be minimal. The second option is applicable when you save the file to your advantage, for example, if it is of medium size. The third choice is for the transfer of excellent images. These include photos from the presentation with a large number of graphic elements. The quality becomes as high as possible.

    The next step will be to proceed to the file compression. When software is used for file processing, such an option as sending via email is loaded by default. The processed document is ready to be sent to the specified addressee


    Compressing files is one easy way to edit them before they are sent to the intended addressee or transferred. The main task for the user to perform is to choose the appropriate tool. The result is less time spent sending documents in electronic form. Any file can be edited to meet your personal goals.

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