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In this article about the Instagram application where we answer the question of its users of How to turn on the dark mode in Instagram?

What's new in Instagram?

Now we have the possibility to enable the night or dark mode to the Instagram application, which apparently is a relatively new function in the application, so if you still do not have knowledge of How to activate the dark mode in Instagram, in this short article We will explain the steps you must follow to do it quickly and efficiently.

How to turn on dark mode in Instagram and what is required?

First of all, within the application we have to go directly to your profile photo which will send you directly to your profile page where you must select the Configuration option, then you only have to go to the bottom area of the page where the Theme option. When you open it, it will show you another option Set theme in which you have to choose between 3 different themes like default, light and dark. Then you have to select the Dark Theme to activate it, this answers the question of some users of How to turn on the mode? dark in Instagram?

What functions do the 3 Themes have? Read Also:

dark theme

By being enabled, it can significantly reduce the power consumption of your mobile device, helping to save battery life. Apart from the above mentioned, dark mode also gives users reduced eyestrain as when the app interface is activated it turns black thus it reduces eyestrain and also makes the app sleepy. see more cool.

default theme

This can be useful when your mobile theme is set to some sort of schedule, so the default mode of Instagram will sync with the theme you're using on your mobile, so it can be automatically changed to suit. the theme you are using outside of the app.

light theme

This theme is the one that is given by default in each application or website that we visit, so many of the Internet users know it very well, this theme does not contribute anything out of the ordinary and for some it is a bit annoying since it increases the eyestrain, so when this theme is active, the interface of apps or websites will be blank, giving a lot of clarity to the page, which increases eye strain after a short time.

What should I do if dark mode is not properly enabled on my Android device?

In the event that within the Instagram application you cannot activate the dark mode but the default mode of the application is active, you can simply activate the dark mode from the settings of your mobile device.

Within the settings of your mobile device you should look for the Screen and brightness option where you should select Dark Mode so that it is activated in a general way on all your mobile device, and the applications that have the default mode active will adapt with the mode that your device mobile has active in this case the dark mode will be active so when you enter Instagram again the dark mode will be activated automatically by default mode settings.

  In this way we conclude with this article giving an answer to some Instagram users on How to turn on the dark mode in Instagram?
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