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In this guide we will explain how to create a group chat in Discord? and some more things related to the Chat functions in Discord

What is Discord?

It is a platform where you can interact with friends or join groups of any type or genre, such as groups of videogames, music, art, fashion, among others, and on this platform it is possible to participate and discuss a wide variety of topics thanks to security that Discord offers its users. We can also chat with our friends, family, acquaintances or any other person privately without the risk of a third party joining the conversation since Discord servers are constantly on the lookout for hackers so that they do not try to steal information from their users , giving its users the security and comfort of using the platform with more confidence. Now in this article we will explain How to create a group chat in Discord?

How to create a group chat in Discord?

How to create a group chat in Discord? Creating a group chat in Discord is very simple and it won't take you any time since you can do it in a few minutes thanks to how easy it is to use Discord, how to create a group chat in Discord ? you should follow the following steps: Read Also:

Step 1

After entering the application you must go to the friends tab by clicking on the icon that is in the second place from the left of the lower panel.

Step 2

Once inside the friends tab, you need to tap on the New group chat icon near the top right corner of the screen, by clicking on it you can add your friends to the group chat on Discord, you can choose the friends that you want to have within the group chat and if you have many friends on the platform you can search for them in the search bar to find specific friends.

Another thing that we must also take into account is that for each chat group you can add a maximum of ten people.

How can I remove a member from one of my Discord groups?

This action is relatively very easy to do and it will not take you more than a few minutes to do it, it may be that a member of your group begins to behave in a somewhat annoying way and you no longer want them to continue in the group or simply that they are no longer necessary in the group so you want to remove it from the group, but you don't know how to do it, so you must follow the following steps to be able to perform this action successfully:

  • Enter the Discord group you want to remove a member from.
  • Go to the member list.
  • Select the members you want to remove and some options will appear on the screen, among them is Remove member, when you click this, the selected members will be automatically removed from the group.

This action can only be performed by the creator of the group, so only he will have the permissions to remove members of his own group.

How can I add more friends to an existing group on Discord?

You just have to go to the group chat, when you are here you have to open the member list where you have to press the Add friends to DM icon. So this is done when you create a group and leave it and then add more friends and as mentioned above it's relatively easy to add more friends to your groups.

Having already added your friends to your group, they can all start chatting together, where within the group you can create rooms in which you can give them specific topics, such as a room where all the group rules are marked, another where that you can share music, another to make jokes, among others, so that you can do many things to have fun with your friends. Already having knowledge of How to create a group chat in Discord?

  In this way we conclude with this guide in which we explain how to create a group chat in Discord? and other functions that can be performed within the platform
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