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Welcome to our friendly guide on finding Hidden Moonstones in the game Lies of P! Hidden Moonstones are essential for upgrading your weapons, and we're here to help you locate them. In this article, we'll cover where to find Hidden Moonstones, how they can be obtained, and some useful tips to make the most out of these valuable resources. So let's dive in!Hidden Moonstones are usually found as glowing blue objects on the ground throughout various levels in Lies of P. They are part of the standard drops in the game, which means you have a chance of stumbling upon them as you progress. Make sure to explore thoroughly and keep an eye out for these shimmering treasures.

In the beginning stages of the game, Hidden Moonstone drops will be more frequent. It's important to spend them wisely during this time as they become rarer later on. Consider using Hidden Moonstones to upgrade your standard weapons at Polendina's shop located at Hotel Krat. These upgrades can be obtained by giving him the Hidden Moonstones, and they can significantly enhance your arsenal.

The good news is that Polendina offers an unlimited number of upgrades using Hidden Moonstones. This makes it relatively easier for you to obtain the first few upgrades for your standard weapons without worrying about scarcity. Take advantage of this early on to strengthen your weapons and gain an advantage in battles.

As you play through Lies of P, you'll come across opportunities to find additional Hidden Moonstone upgrades naturally within the game world. Keep progressing through levels, completing quests, and exploring every nook and cranny – this will increase your chances of discovering more upgrade materials. Don't rush through the game; take your time to explore and uncover hidden treasures.

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    It's important to note that each weapon can only be upgraded up to +3 using Hidden Moonstones alone. Once you reach this limit, collecting Crescent Moonstones becomes necessary to further enhance your weapons. Keep this in mind as you plan your weapon upgrades and manage your resources accordingly. Don't waste your Hidden Moonstones on weapons that are already at their maximum limit.

    To ensure a large collection of upgrade materials, adopt the philosophy of picking up every item you come across in the game world. Don't overlook any potential Hidden Moonstone drops – they can be crucial for strengthening your weapons and gaining an edge in battles. It's better to have an excess of upgrade materials than to find yourself lacking when you need them the most.

    In addition to finding Hidden Moonstones in the game world, there are also other ways to obtain them. Some enemies may drop Hidden Moonstones when defeated, so be sure to engage in battles and defeat as many enemies as you can. Additionally, completing certain quests or challenges may reward you with Hidden Moonstones as well. Keep an eye out for these opportunities and seize them whenever possible.

    Now that you have a friendly guide on where to find Hidden Moonstones in Lies of P, you can embark on your journey fully equipped with this valuable knowledge. Remember to explore diligently, spend wisely, and make use of Polendina's unlimited upgrades to maximize the potential of your standard weapons. Hidden Moonstones are a valuable resource in the game, so make the most out of every opportunity to obtain them. Happy gaming!

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