Discover the best key shops in Starfield and unlock epic adventures. Find out where to get your game keys and start gaming like a pro.

Welcome to Starfield, a bustling city filled with various gear vendors offering everything you need for your space-faring adventures. In this guide, we'll explore the different shops available in The Key and provide you with all the information you need to find them. So, grab your ship supplies and let's dive in!

TK's Tactical Gear

Location: The Reckoner's Core

NPCs: Taryn Kallis, Aludra, Zuri

Description: TK's Tactical Gear is your go-to shop for all things related to gear and equipment. Located in the heart of The Reckoner's Core, this shop offers a wide range of armor upgrades, weapon modifications, and specialized gear for adventurers of all types. Whether you're a seasoned space explorer or just starting your journey, TK's Tactical Gear has something for everyone. The shop is run by a team of experts led by Taryn Kallis, a renowned gear specialist known for her knowledge and craftsmanship. Aludra, a skilled weaponsmith, is also part of the team, offering a variety of top-of-the-line firearms, energy weapons, and melee weapons. Zuri, the resident survival expert, provides essential supplies such as first aid kits, rations, and survival gear. If you're looking to gear up before your next mission, TK's Tactical Gear is the place to visit.

Aludra's Weapon Shop

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    Location: The Reckoner's Core

    NPCs: Aludra

    Description: Looking for top-of-the-line weapons? Look no further than Aludra's Weapon Shop. Situated within The Reckoner's Core, this shop specializes in providing adventurers with a wide variety of firearms, energy weapons, and melee weapons suited for any combat situation. Aludra, the skilled weaponsmith, takes pride in offering the finest weapons available in Starfield. From laser rifles to plasma swords, you'll find everything you need to arm yourself for your space-faring adventures. Whether you're a bounty hunter, a space pirate, or a mercenary, Aludra's Weapon Shop has the perfect weapon to suit your style and needs.

    Zuri's Essential

    Location: The Reckoner's Core

    NPCs: Zuri

    Description: If you're in need of essential supplies like first aid kits, rations, or survival gear, Zuri's Essential is the place to visit. Located conveniently within The Reckoner's Core, this shop is run by Zuri, a survival expert with extensive knowledge of what it takes to survive in the harsh environments of space. Zuri's Essential offers a wide range of essential items for space travelers, including first aid kits equipped with advanced medical technology, rations designed to sustain you during long journeys, and survival gear tailored to withstand extreme conditions. Whether you're exploring uncharted planets or engaged in intense space battles, Zuri's Essential ensures you have everything you need to survive and thrive.

    Trade Authority

    Location: The Reckoner's Core

    Description: Trade Authority serves as a hub for various traders from different planets. This bustling marketplace, located within The Reckoner's Core, is a treasure trove of unique items and rare artifacts brought in by interstellar merchants. Here, you'll find a diverse range of goods, including exotic alien relics, advanced technology, and valuable resources. The Trade Authority is a must-visit for avid collectors and those seeking to acquire one-of-a-kind items. Be prepared to haggle and negotiate, as the merchants are skilled negotiators who value their wares. Whether you're searching for a rare piece of history or hoping to make a lucrative trade, the Trade Authority in Starfield is the place to be.

    Aid and Resources Shops

    1. Isra's General Goods:

    Isra's General Goods is a one-stop shop for all your everyday needs. Located in the heart of The Key, this store offers a wide range of general supplies, including food, clothing, tools, and other miscellaneous items. Whether you're looking for a new set of clothes or need to stock up on basic necessities, Isra's General Goods has got you covered.

    2. Med Bay:

    Med Bay is a crucial establishment in The Key. Staffed by a team of skilled medical professionals, this facility provides essential healthcare services to the residents of Starfield. From routine check-ups to emergency treatments, Med Bay offers a comprehensive range of medical services to keep you healthy and fit during your space-faring adventures.

    3. Last Nova Bar:

    Located at the heart of The Key, Last Nova Bar is a popular gathering spot for adventurers, space traders, and locals alike. As the name suggests, this bar serves as a final stop for many before embarking on their interstellar journeys. Enjoy a wide selection of drinks, delicious cuisine, and engage in lively conversations with fellow travelers. Last Nova Bar is the perfect place to unwind and exchange stories of daring escapades.

    4. Clinic Shop:

    The Clinic Shop is a specialized establishment catering to the needs of adventurers who require specific medical supplies and equipment. Located in a discreet corner of The Key, this shop offers a range of medical tools, advanced first aid kits, and other specialized items necessary for those engaging in high-risk activities. Whether you're a thrill-seeker or a professional explorer, the Clinic Shop is a valuable resource to ensure you're prepared for any medical emergencies that may arise.

    Ship Vendors

    - Ship Services:

    Located in The Key, Ship Services is a hub for all your spaceship-related needs. From repairs and maintenance to upgrades and modifications, Ship Services offers a comprehensive range of services to keep your ship in top-notch condition. Their team of skilled engineers and technicians will ensure that your vessel is always ready for your next interstellar adventure.

    - Available Ships:

    Within The Key, you'll find various ship vendors offering a wide selection of spaceships for sale. Whether you're in the market for a sleek and speedy scout ship or a heavily armored battlecruiser, these vendors have something for every space-faring adventurer. Take your time to explore the different options available, consult with experts, and find the perfect ship to suit your needs and aspirations.

    Now that you know where to find the key shops in Starfield, it's time to embark on an adventure to The Key and explore all these fantastic vendors. Remember, completing "The Key Ingredients" mission is your ticket to accessing these incredible shops. Happy shopping and safe travels! May your journeys through the vastness of space be filled with excitement and discovery.

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