Discover the secrets of obtaining Argon in Starfield with our comprehensive guide. Master the game and dominate the galaxy.

Starfield, the highly anticipated space exploration game, offers players a vast universe to explore and conquer. One of the essential aspects of early gameplay is argon farming. Argon, a valuable resource found on various planets within the game, is crucial for upgrading equipment, crafting advanced items, and progressing in the game. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of finding and extracting argon efficiently. By following these steps, you'll be well-equipped to gather argon resources and excel in your space adventures.

Locating Planets with Argon Resources

A. Enter a star system and zoom in

To begin your quest for argon, enter a star system of your choice and zoom in on the planets present. Each star system in Starfield contains unique planets with different resources. By exploring different star systems, you increase your chances of finding planets abundant in argon.

B. Utilize the Show Resources mechanic

Starfield incorporates a handy mechanic called Show Resources, which allows players to view the resources available on a planet from a distance. By activating this mechanic, you can quickly identify planets that have argon resources.

C. Look for areas abundant in Argon

Once you've identified a planet with argon resources, it's time to narrow down your search. Look for areas on the planet's surface that are known to be abundant in argon. These areas are usually marked by unique rock structures and distinctive colorations.

Identifying Argon Deposits

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    A. Recognizing rock structures surrounded by poisonous gas

    Argon deposits are often found in areas surrounded by poisonous gas. These areas are characterized by unique rock structures that emit a greenish hue. Keep an eye out for these distinct formations as they indicate the presence of argon deposits nearby.

    B. Locating vendors that offer Argon resources

    In addition to finding argon deposits on planets, you can also acquire argon resources from various vendors within the game. Vendors such as Jemison Mercantile, Trade Authority, and Mining League offer argon for sale. Keep an eye out for these vendors during your exploration and trading endeavors.

    Building an Argon Extractor

    A. Find an Argon vein on a planet

    Once you've located an argon deposit, it's time to start extracting the valuable resource. Find an argon vein on the planet's surface, usually marked by a shimmering effect or a distinct coloration.

    B. Construct an Outpost nearby (if not available)

    To efficiently extract argon, it is advisable to construct an outpost near the argon vein. Outposts serve as a base of operations and provide necessary infrastructure for resource extraction. If an outpost is not readily available, construct one using the resources you've gathered during your exploration.

    C. Level up your Planetary Habitation skill if needed

    To maximize your efficiency in argon extraction, consider leveling up your Planetary Habitation skill. This skill enhances your ability to construct and manage outposts, allowing for more efficient resource extraction.

    D. Supply power from various power sources

    To power your argon extractor, ensure a stable power supply from various sources, such as solar panels, wind turbines, or geothermal generators. A reliable power supply is essential to maintain a continuous extraction process and maximize your argon farming efforts.

    Exploring Various Star Systems for Argon

    A. Narion star system

    Narion star system is known for its abundant argon resources. Planets within this star system offer plentiful opportunities for argon farming. Explore the planets in Narion to discover hidden argon deposits and enhance your resource collection.

    B. Alpha Centauri star system

    Alpha Centauri, a neighboring star system, is another prime location for argon farming. Planets within this star system are known to contain rich argon deposits. Embark on a journey through Alpha Centauri to uncover valuable argon resources.

    C. Sol star system

    The Sol star system, home to our very own Sun, is not exempt from the presence of argon resources. Delve into the planets of the Sol star system to uncover hidden argon deposits and expand your resource collection.

    D. Procyon A star system

    Procyon A star system is another promising location for argon farming. Explore the various planets within this star system to find hidden argon deposits and boost your resource collection efforts.

    E. Eridani star system

    Last but not least, the Eridani star system is a treasure trove of argon resources. This star system offers multiple planets abundant in argon. Venture into the Eridani star system to secure a bountiful supply of argon for your spacefaring adventures.

    With this friendly guide, you now have the knowledge to successfully obtain and farm argon in Starfield. Remember to explore different star systems, utilize the Show Resources mechanic, and keep an eye out for unique rock structures surrounded by poisonous gas. By constructing outposts near argon veins, supplying power from various sources, and leveling up your Planetary Habitation skill, you'll maximize your efficiency in argon extraction. Explore various star systems like Narion, Alpha Centauri, Sol, Procyon A, and Eridani to uncover hidden argon deposits and excel in your argon farming endeavors. May the stars align in your favor as you embark on your spacefaring adventures in Starfield!

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