Learn the step-by-step process to obtain the coveted Membrane in Starfield. Discover the secrets, tips, and techniques to enhance your gameplay and conquer the challenges that lay ahead.

In the vast universe of Starfield, obtaining Membrane can be crucial for survival and progression. Whether you're a seasoned space explorer or just starting out, this guide will help you acquire Membrane with ease. Read on to discover various methods and locations to obtain this valuable resource.

Section 1: Visiting Merchants at Trade Outlets

If combat isn't your forte and you prefer a safer approach, visiting merchants at trade outlets is your best bet. Here's how:

1.1 Finding Membrane in Cities or Space Stations

For players with low combat skills and equipment, you can find Membrane conveniently in most cities or space stations. Simply navigate to the Resources tab of the merchant's inventory. Expect to pay around 9 Credits for each unit of Membrane.

1.2 The First Place to Buy Membrane: Jemison Mercantile Building

To start your journey towards acquiring Membrane, head over to the Jemison Mercantile building in New Atlantis. There, you'll find an NPC named Amoli Bava who offers Membrane for sale. Keep in mind that stocks may be limited, so it's advisable to check back after 24-48 hours for replenishment.

When you arrive at the Jemison Mercantile building, take a moment to appreciate its grand architecture. The building stands tall with a stunning glass facade, allowing you to catch glimpses of the bustling trade activity inside. As you step through the entrance, a sense of excitement fills the air. The sound of merchants haggling over prices and the aroma of exotic spices blend together, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Make your way to the central marketplace, where various vendors display their wares. The Jemison Mercantile building is known for its diverse selection of goods, catering to the needs of all space travelers. Among the many merchants, you'll find Amoli Bava, a friendly NPC who specializes in selling Membrane.

Approach Amoli Bava's stall, adorned with vibrant holographic signs showcasing the benefits of Membrane. Amoli, a seasoned trader with a wealth of knowledge, greets you warmly. Engage in a friendly conversation, asking about the availability and price of Membrane. Amoli will gladly provide you with the current stock and inform you of the price per unit.

Keep in mind that Membrane is a valuable resource in high demand, and stocks can deplete quickly. It's advisable to check back regularly, as new shipments arrive every 24-48 hours. Take this opportunity to explore other sections of the Jemison Mercantile building, as you might stumble upon additional merchants selling Membrane or other useful items.

Section 2: Killing Alien Fauna Representatives

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    If you possess decent combat skills and well-equipped gear, hunting down alien fauna representatives is an exciting way to obtain Membrane without spending any credits. Follow these steps:

    2.1 Freeing Up Your Inventory Space

    Before engaging in battles with alien creatures, make sure your inventory has enough space to accommodate the acquired membranes and other loot. Dispose of any unnecessary items or consider upgrading your storage capacity to maximize your gains.

    2.2 Hunting Pack Coralbugs on Jemison or Other Planets

    Pack Coralbugs, formidable yet fascinating creatures, are known sources of Membrane found on Jemison and other planets within Starfield. These vibrant creatures thrive in the lush forests and dense undergrowth, making them a challenging but rewarding target.

    To begin your hunt, equip yourself with suitable combat gear, including weapons and protective armor. Conduct a quick scan of the local planetary database to identify the locations where Pack Coralbugs are most abundant. This will save you time and effort, ensuring a successful and fruitful hunt.

    As you venture into the dense forests of Jemison or other planets, be prepared for a thrilling experience. The alien fauna of Starfield is known for its diversity and unique adaptations. Stay alert, as these creatures can be aggressive when provoked.

    Track the Pack Coralbugs using your scanner, which highlights their locations on your holographic display. Approach them stealthily, taking advantage of the element of surprise. Engage in combat, utilizing your combat skills and weapons to defeat the creatures. Remember to strike a balance between offense and defense, as Pack Coralbugs can be formidable opponents.

    Once you have successfully defeated the Pack Coralbugs, approach their lifeless bodies to collect the Membrane they possess. Use caution, as the membranes are delicate and require careful handling. Store them safely in your inventory, ensuring they remain intact for later use or sale.

    Additionally, scanning Pack Coralbugs not only enhances your earnings but also helps you locate the most profitable sources of Membrane within Starfield. By analyzing their biology and behavior, you can uncover hidden patterns and optimize your hunting strategy.

    Traveling through the diverse planets of Starfield and exploring new locations is not only an exciting adventure but also a fruitful endeavor to obtain Membrane. Whether you opt for the safer route of purchasing from merchants at trade outlets or enjoy the thrill of combat by hunting alien fauna representatives, acquiring Membrane will undoubtedly contribute to your success in this vast universe.

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