In this short article we will answer the question from some Chainsaw Man fans about Where did power run in Chainsaw Man Episode 9?

What happened to Power in Episode 9 of the Chainsaw Man Anime?

Where did the power run to in Chainsaw Man Episode 9? We should be aware that Power was under Aki's orders, which were to treat Himeno so she wouldn't bleed to death as she had been shot by the Katana Demon before this one. transformed into her Hybrid form, so Power had to be keeping her body stable since she is The Blood Demon so she had her blood controlled while Aki was in charge of Katana Man. Since Power is part of Division 4 of Devil Hunters made up of Aki Hayakawa, Denji and Power, this division is led by Aki Hayakawa and since Denji and Power are considered demons they could be killed by the Devil Hunters members if they disobeyed orders or did something outside the regulations that were imposed on them as Devil's Hunters, so if Power had not followed orders Aki gave them, she could have been killed immediately. Where did Power run in Chainsaw Man Episode 9?

What else should we know about what happened in Episode 9 of the anime?

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    We should also be aware that Power probably knew that if she joined the battle against katana Man, she could have been killed, since even though she is strong, she does not have the same power in battle as a full Demon or half-demon ( Hybrids) like Denji who possess brutal strength when fighting, so he decided to stay behind obeying the orders that were previously imposed by Aki Hayakawa so that she would protect Himeno and control her blood loss.

      Here we conclude this short article by giving an answer to Chainsaw Man fans of Where did power run in Chainsaw Man Episode 9?

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