How to Play Saints Row on Steam Deck: This article is all about how to play Saints Row on Steam Deck. Take a look and enjoy!

Welcome to the world of Saints Row, where cinematic storytelling meets an action-packed open-world! Epic Games offer Saints Row for purchase on their digital gaming platform and launcher, with the added convenience of being able to install and run it on Steam Deck. Now, gamers can enjoy the full Saints Row experience on their Steam Deck without any hassle.

But how can Steam Deck users play Saints Row on the platform? We have the answer to that question and we’re here to guide you!

What is Saints Row?

Saints Row is an action-adventure open world video game developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. It follows the story of The Third Street Saints, a street gang, who must take control of the city of Stilwater and battle rival gangs. The game features a variety of activities, missions, and customization options.

How to Play Saints Row on Steam Deck?

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    Steam Deck users can play Saints Row on the platform with the purchased license. With the license, they can install non-Steam games on their Steam Deck without any issue. To start playing, it is important to follow a specific method. Here are the two main steps: 

    • Step 1: Install Epic Games 

    Steam Deck users can manually install Epic Games by following the instructions on the Epic Games website. Alternatively, they can use Lutris gaming platform or Heroic Launcher to install non-Steam games. 

    • Step 2: Install Saints Row 

    After the Epic Games have been installed, the Steam Deck user can search for Saints Row in the library. Once found, they can install and launch the game to start playing.

    Playing Saints Row on Steam Deck has never been easier. With this guide, Steam Deck users can now enjoy the full Saints Row experience on their platform. So, what are you waiting for? Get your copy of Saints Row and start playing now!

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