Introducing the SOS Beacon in Dead Space 3! With this guide, you will learn how to plant the SOS Beacon and what it does in the Dead Space 3 Remake.

Welcome to the guide on how to plant the SOS Beacon in Dead Space Remake! In Chapter 7 of Dead Space Remake, the mission requires you to plant the SOS Beacon. This task can be tedious and challenging, as it doesn't involve fighting Necromorphs or learning new mechanics. This guide will provide an easy and comprehensive step-by-step approach to planting the SOS Beacon and completing the mission.

What is SOS Beacon? 

The SOS Beacon is an important device in Dead Space Remake. It is a distress signal that is transmitted when the player is in danger and needs help. When the beacon is planted, it will send out a distress signal, alerting the crew of the Ishimura to your location.

How to Plant the SOS Beacon in Dead Space Remake? 

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    Before planting the SOS Beacon, you must take down all four gravity tethers. Two tethers are located inside the hangar, above the asteroid - you can use stasis and shoot the glowing spots inside to slow them down. The other two tethers are situated outside in the zero gravity vacuum of space. Jump out beyond the asteroid to locate them, and then slow them down using stasis.

    Once all four tethers are deactivated, you can then go ahead and plant the SOS Beacon. To plant the beacon, simply press the button on the machine located in the hangar. This will activate the beacon and the mission will be completed.

    Planting the SOS Beacon in Dead Space Remake can be a tedious and challenging task. But by following the steps outlined above, you can easily complete this mission and move on to the next. With the SOS Beacon planted, you can be sure that help will soon arrive if you are ever in need.

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