Where to find a vial of freezing water in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Vial of Freezing Water is a pre-order item for the Disney game Disney Dreamlight Valley in Disney Infinity 3.0. Find out more here.

Have you ever dreamed of visiting a place that feels like a dream come true? Well, Disney Dreamlight Valley is just the place for you! It's a magical place of wonder and adventure, filled with exciting quests and challenges. From exploring the depths of the underground caverns to fighting off monsters, the possibilities are endless.

What is Vial of Freezing Water?

Vial of Freezing Water is an important item you will need to complete the Singing Ice quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This item is a necessary component of the Cold of Winter potion made by Anna and Elsa, as part of the quest. The potion can be used to create a powerful ice shield that will protect you from enemies in the valley.

Where to Find a Vial of Freezing Water in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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    To find a Vial of Freezing Water in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll need to talk to Elsa first in order to start the Singing Ice quest. When you do, she'll give you a list of ingredients you'll need in order to create the Cold of Winter potion. This includes a White Daisy at Peaceful Meadow, Red Falling Penstemon in the Plaza, and Pink Bromeliad at Sunlit Plateau. Once you have the ingredients, you'll be able to find the Vial of Freezing Water in the Frozen Caverns located in the south-eastern part of the valley.

    Exploring Disney Dreamlight Valley is a great way to spend a day of fun and adventure. With exciting quests to complete, you'll need to be prepared with the items you'll need to complete them. The Vial of Freezing Water is one such item, and it can be found in the Frozen Caverns of the south-eastern part of the valley. With the help of Anna and Elsa, you'll be able to create the Cold of Winter potion and use it for protection in the valley.

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