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In this short article about Netflix, we will talk about a rumor that has spread on the internet: Why is Netflix removing Christian movies?

Is it true that Netflix will remove Christian movies from their platform?

Why is Netflix removing Christian movies? It should be noted that Netflix recently explained to USA Today that they will not remove Christian films from the platform and even that the Faith and Spirituality section continues to remain on the platform, making it clear that as it is a streaming platform that continues to move, it is not It is no wonder that some movies and series are constantly being removed and added from the platform.

Where did the rumor come from that Netflix would remove Christian movies from its Streaming platform?

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If we go back to the year 2016 where this rumor was spread on the satirical news site NewsThump where a completely false article titled “Netflix to remove all Christian content after complaints from Muslims” was published. It remains to be emphasized that this news, although it was prepared and disseminated in 2016, still stands, giving Internet users that unknown where they believe that the news may be real, but it is a complete lie and we can justify that the Streaming channel continues to eliminate and add new series. and movies. Over the years, Netflix has not had the slightest intention of completely removing Christian TV shows and movies from its platform.

  In this way we conclude this short article explaining the rumor about Nerflix Why Netflix is removing Christian movies
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