Of all the key attractions an online casino provides to new players, the one thing that readily convinces them is a sign-up bonus. Also recognized as a “Welcome Bonus,” it offers either free cash or free spins to provide a taste of gambling without risking money. This bonanza, a marketing cost for online casinos but a deal sweetener for players, has become an integral part of the gambling world. Therefore, it makes complete sense to learn everything about it.

At the moment, one of the most luring welcome bonuses is being offered at https://icecasino.com/ro/pacanele. This bonus is created for your first 4 deposits, and it offers generous cash rewards as well as free spins for 4 popular online slots. Wagering 40x for cash and 35x for FS is all it takes for the bonus sum to be credited to your account.

Casino Welcome Bonus – A Formal Introduction

Welcome bonus, a very common type of windfall offered at online casinos, is a new player bonus that combines a deposit bonus and free spins. Gambling destinations use it as an incentive to lure gamers looking out to bet on slots for the first time. As mentioned in the introductory part, it can be anything – free spins, free sportsbook bets or free bonus money.

Types of Welcome Bonuses at Online Casinos

It’s interesting to know that you can classify sign-up bonuses into three types:

Match Deposit Bonus

It is a monetary bonus awarded to gamers when they deposit cash into their casino account. This offer literally matches the amount deposited. Let’s assume a gambling site promises to provide a 100% match bonus of up to $200. In such a case, the gamer will receive an extra $200 on depositing $200 to the casino account. Therefore, the net worth of the bankroll will stand at $400.

No Deposit Bonus

Unlike the other deals, where casinos reward players only on depositing, this type of sign-up bonus arrive by simply joining a gambling site. There is no hard and fast rule for bettors to deposit to activate it. Rather, you receive an opportunity to play your favourite title, experience the same house edge it offers and learn from it before investing your real money.

Newbies planning to make the most out of it must use it on games with low house edges. Also, check for feasible wagering options prior to playing to enjoy the fastest returns.

Free Spins

Recommended mostly for gaming enthusiasts who are budget players, this type of sign-up surprise is ideal for trying one’s luck on a certain title. It allows them to play and understand the strategies that could bring them victory. It charges nothing extra yet provides online slot fans with the ability to play a greater number of times on real money slots. Online casinos offer them as welcome bonuses to flaunt the best features of their slot titles and sites.

Should You Use a Welcome Bonus?

Of course, a welcome bonus is highly recommended for players betting on online games for the very first time. It hardly matters if you have plans to deposit. A free sign-up windfall boosts your chances of winning quite rapidly. The money offered on registering helps build a wallet more quickly than starting a journey with only a few dollars or euros to spare. Those wise enough to continue playing with that free money are eventually more likely to withdraw winnings.

Currently, with plenty of online casinos offering sign-up windfalls, new players may register at multiple sites and test their luck with free spins or cash. Later, they can commit to a particular gaming site and earn rewards for showing loyalty.

Cashing Out Welcome Bonus – 3 Steps to Enjoying Rewards on Signing up

Need help in cashing out your welcome bonus? Go through the steps below and seek the necessary guidance:

Every online casino has a section dedicated to promotions. Click on it and try to locate the welcome bonus pack. To find it, click on ‘Read More’ and scroll down to the Terms and conditions.
Check the withdrawing terms. It can be a set of criteria which needs to be fulfilled. For instance, some gambling sites demand players fulfil a certain wagering requirement for the bonus to be credited to their account. It can also be a special bonus code to cash out the money.
Check for other conditions that may be attached to the deal. Always remember that online casinos take some time to process payments, and not all welcome bonuses are cashable.

Final Verdict

Starting out your gambling journey? Don’t forget to grab welcome bonuses! Of course, do not choose randomly. Learn to differentiate between a profitable and unprofitable deal. As you grab hold of a tempting welcome bonus, make sure you meet the wagering requirements to cash out the winnings.

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