If you continue reading you can learn how to unlock Sharen in The First Descendant, because below you will find everything there is to know.

Sharen is one of the unlockable descendants you'll encounter as you progress through the campaign. To unlock it, you will have to obtain certain materials and complete missions.

Sharen, a formidable Close-Range Dealer wielding Electric power, awaits your command in The First Descendant. Here's a detailed roadmap to unlock her through research:

How to Unlock Sharen in The First Descendant
Material Gathering: The Key to Research

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Unveiling Sharen requires collecting four specific materials. These materials act as catalysts to initiate her research process at Anais' research facility.

Echo Swamp: The First Hurdle

Progress through the main campaign until you gain access to the Echo Swamp region.

Abandoned Zone:  Upon reaching Echo Swamp, venture into the Abandoned Zone. This area harbors the side mission crucial for acquiring your initial Sharen material.

Seed Vault Mission:  Challenge yourself with the Seed Vault mission. This dungeon mission presents a steeper difficulty curve compared to standard Battlefield and Void missions.

Sharen Enhanced Cells:  There's a 20% chance of acquiring Sharen Enhanced Cells upon completing the Seed Vault mission. Be prepared to potentially replay this mission multiple times.

Echo Swamp and Agna Desert: Further Material Acquisition

The remaining three Sharen materials are obtained by completing missions scattered across Echo Swamp and the Agna Desert:

Progress through the Main Story:  Unveiling the Agna Desert region necessitates further progress in the main campaign narrative.

Sharen Stabilizer:  Complete the Chapel mission within the Derelict Covert area of the Echo Swamp region to acquire this material.

Agna Desert Materials:  Venture into the Agna Desert after it unlocks. Complete the following missions to obtain the remaining materials:

Sharen Spiral Catalyst: Awarded upon finishing the Asylum mission in the Vermilion Waste area.
Sharen Code: Granted by completing the Caligo Ossuary mission within the Mining Site area.
Similar to Sharen Enhanced Cells, all three Agna Desert materials have a 20% drop rate. Prepare to potentially replay these missions for each material.

Research Initiation:

Once you've collected all four materials, return to Albion and seek out Anais at the Research Institute.

Descendant Selection:  Interact with Anais and select the "Descendant" option, followed by "Sharen."

Research Cost:  Initiating Sharen's research requires all four materials and 400,000 Gold.

Research Duration (16 Hours):

The research process takes a significant 16 hours to complete in real-time. The good news is that the timer continues to tick even when you're offline.

Claiming Sharen:

After 16 hours, you'll be able to claim Sharen and unleash her electric fury on your enemies!

Optional Expedited Research (Caliber):

If you're impatient, you can bypass the 16-hour wait by spending 240 Caliber, the game's premium currency.

Additional Tips:

  • Consider exploring online communities or guides for specific mission locations within Echo Swamp and the Agna Desert.
  • Strategize your material gathering process. If playing with friends, delegate tasks to optimize mission completion speed.
By following these steps and demonstrating perseverance, you'll soon have Sharen at your disposal in The First Descendant. Remember, the thrill of the hunt adds to the satisfaction of acquiring a powerful new Descendant.

This way we come to the end of our guide on How to Unlock Sharen in The First Descendant, we hope to have been as helpful as possible.

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