If you are ready to learn How to defeat the fearsome abomination in The First Descendant, then pay attention and keep reading so you don't miss anything.

The First Descendant is one of the most difficult bosses in the normal mode story missions in The First Descendant and finishing him will not be easy, so we will help you achieve it.

The Dreadful Abomination, the final boss of the Bio-Lab Duty in The First Descendant, presents a significant challenge for players in normal mode. Here's a comprehensive strategy guide to ensure your success:

How to Beat the Dreadful Abomination in The First Descendant
Understanding the Threat:

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  • Toxic Projectiles: The boss launches small circular projectiles that target specific players. While inaccurate, they explode on impact, dealing substantial damage (over 50% HP) if you come into contact with them. This damage can be even higher (80%+) for DPS-focused Descendants without proper defense.
  • Focused Targeting: The Dreadful Abomination occasionally focuses its attacks on a specific player, unleashing a barrage of damaging projectiles. Utilize cover effectively until the boss shifts its focus to another player.

The Immunity Phase - A Matter of Timing:

Similar to other bosses, the Dreadful Abomination enters immune phases upon depleting its HP bars. Here's how to break this immunity:

  • Orb Destruction: During the immunity phase, orbs with protective shells will spawn behind the boss. Destroying all these orbs simultaneously is key to breaking the immunity.
  • The Challenge of Durability: These orbs are particularly robust, demanding coordinated efforts from your party. Don't rely on individual strength to compensate for mistakes at this stage.
  • Synchronized Destruction: The crucial element is to damage all orbs concurrently without destroying a single one prematurely. Once an orb's shell begins to crack, unleash an AoE ability, launcher attack, or coordinate with your team to unleash a barrage of fire on different orbs simultaneously.
  • Timing is Critical: Failure to achieve simultaneous destruction results in rapid orb respawn. The short respawn window (approximately 2 seconds) emphasizes the importance of precise timing.

Recommended Descendants:

While the fight itself is relatively straightforward in terms of boss mechanics, dodging the toxic projectiles is crucial. Descendants like the starter Viessa or the early unlockable Bunny excel in this battle:

  • Viessa: Her inherent capabilities allow her to deal significant AoE damage in a short timeframe, making her ideal for breaking the orb clusters during the immunity phase.
  • Bunny: Her AoE abilities are well-suited for the same purpose, especially when coordinated with your party members.

Communication is Key (Especially with Random Teams):

  • Practice Makes Perfect: With a pre-made team, a few attempts should be sufficient to refine your strategy and emerge victorious.
  • Communication Through Chat: For random parties, consider typing out the strategy in the chat window to ensure everyone understands the importance of coordinated orb destruction during the immunity phase.


  • The Dreadful Abomination's attack patterns are fairly predictable, allowing for effective dodging and cover utilization.
  • The manageable enemy spawns during the fight provide opportunities for your team to replenish resources (MP, ammo, HP) before resuming the assault.
By following these strategies, effectively communicating with your team, and selecting the appropriate Descendants for the fight, you'll be well-equipped to vanquish the Dreadful Abomination and progress further in The First Descendant.

Thus ends our guide on How to defeat the fearsome abomination in The First Descendant and now that we have reached the end, we hope to have been of as much help as possible in eliminating this enemy.

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