In today's article we will show you how to start the Starjacker Bounty mission in Starfield in the easiest way.

Starfield's upcoming June update brings new tracker-related missions and a new board from which players can accept various rewards.

The main mission that players will be able to accept is called The Starjacker, but it has previous steps that players must complete before starting the mission. Below we leave you more information about this:

How to Start the Starjacker Bounty Mission in Starfield

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Phase 1: Establishing Contact with the Trackers

Deployment to Mars:  Your initial task requires a visit to the red planet.  Navigate your designated spacecraft to the Cydonia region of Mars and designate it as your landing zone.

Engaging a Mysterious Contact:  Upon disembarking at the Cydonia Mining Colony entrance, a previously unidentified NPC will be present.  This individual, known as the "Mysterious Tracker," warrants your immediate attention.

Professional Inquiry:  Approach the Mysterious Tracker and initiate professional dialogue.  They will express their belief that your skillset aligns perfectly with the esteemed Tracker profession.  Engage in further conversation to acquire crucial intel regarding the Trackers' objectives and operational procedures.

Phase 2: Locating the Trackers Alliance Headquarters

Charting the Course:  Having established initial contact, it's time to redefine your course.  The Trackers Alliance Headquarters serves as your next vital waypoint.

Akila City: The Target Destination:  Set your navigational systems for the Akila system.  Within this system, select Akila City, situated on the planet of the same name, as your designated landing zone.

Identifying the Headquarters:  Once you have arrived within Akila City, navigate towards the northeastern quadrant.  Your objective is to locate the prominent and easily identifiable Trackers Alliance Headquarters building.

Phase 3: Accepting the Starjacker Bounty

Formal Introduction:  Enter the professional and well-maintained building housing the Trackers Alliance Headquarters.  Inside, you will encounter Agent No. 1, alongside another Tracker by the name of Roach.  Approach Agent No. 1 in a professional manner.

Expressing Professional Interest:  Clearly communicate your desire to become a valued member of the Tracker organization.  Progress through the remaining dialogue options with courtesy and professionalism.  During this exchange, an opportunity to accept a bounty will be presented.

The Starjacker Warrant:  Direct your attention to the newly installed bounty board located on your right-hand side.  The very first mission displayed is the critically important "Starjacker" bounty.

Official Acceptance:  To formally commence your pursuit of the Starjacker, confidently choose to accept the corresponding bounty from the board.  With this decisive action, you have officially initiated the Starjacker mission!

With these protocols outlined, you will have successfully started the "Starjacker" bounty mission within Starfield. May your search be swift, your apprehension of the target impeccable, and your contribution to galactic security exemplary.

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