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Apple Commercial 18 things from WWDC24 | Apple spot commercial 2024

VIDEO Apple 18 things from WWDC24 | Apple TV commercial 2024 • 18 things from WWDC24 | Apple Here’s your guide to the big announcements from this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Watch the full keynote here: Audio Descriptions: "So Happy (feat. Laura Mvula & Francis and the Lights)" by Kassa Overall #AppleEvent #WWDC24 #AppleKeynote #iOS18 #AppleIntelligence Welcome to the official Apple YouTube channel. Here you’ll find news about product launches, tutorials, and other great content. Our more than 160,000 employees are dedicated to making the best products on earth, and to leaving the world better than we found it. 0:00 Voiceover: Siri, [SIRI TONE] 0:01 play that one song Diego sent me. 0:02 ♪ "So Happy" (feat. Laura Mvula & Francis and the Lights) 0:04 by Kassa Overall ♪ 0:06 OK... Oh! How'd it do that? 0:09 With Apple Intelligence. 0:11 It's AI that gets you, on your Apple products -- 0:15 iPhone, iPad, Mac -- with built-in privacy. 0:18 [CLICK] 0:19 And you can make your own emoji. 0:21 Yeah. 0:22 Make. 0:23 Your. 0:24 Own. 0:25 Emoji. [INDISTINCT CHATTER] 0:26 Make your new profile pic with Image Playground. 0:30 Pull up a photo by describing it. 0:32 [DIGITAL KEYSTROKES] 0:33 Or clean up an otherwise very cute pic. 0:37 You can make a movie! 0:38 Your life plus a description plus your camera roll 0:41 equals sweet memories. 0:42 Wait. 0:43 Siri? [SIRI TONE] When's Mom's flight landing? 0:45 Oh. Where are we eating after? 0:48 [LIGHT WHOOSHING] Ah. How do I share a password? 0:51 What if I forget all this stuff? 0:53 Siri: Just ask. Voiceover: Oh... 0:56 Apple Intelligence can TL;DR your long messages 0:59 and highlights the important ones. 1:02 It can just find stuff deep in your phone 1:04 like your driver's license number 1:06 or that front-row concert ticket. 1:08 [AUDIENCE CHEERING] 1:10 [MIMICKING AN ANNOUNCER] Coming to iPad... 1:14 [ECHOING] Calculator. 1:15 [VOCALIZING BEEPS] 1:17 And you can just handwrite a math problem. 1:20 Math Note solves it for you. 1:22 Or write something not even you can read, 1:24 and iPad will clean it right up. 1:27 Say what you really mean in Messages, 1:29 with more expression, more personality, more you, 1:33 now or later, [DIGITAL KEYSTROKES] 1:35 from just about anywhere, 1:36 even without a phone signal... [ECHOING BLAST] 1:38 ...because of satellites. [BEACON ALARM TONE] 1:41 Ugh! I forgot my phone. 1:43 Oh! I can just pull it up on Mac and use it! 1:46 Digital voice: La manzana. 1:48 Voiceover: Ooh! I'm going to get another coffee. 1:50 [BARKING] 1:51 Hey, bud... 1:52 Focus, focus. 1:54 Customize your iPhone's Home Screen 1:56 and these buttons. [POPPING] 1:58 Hide or lock the apps you want to, um, 2:01 keep to yourself. 2:02 [IPHONE RINGING] Siri: Call from Dump Him. 2:04 Answer it? 2:05 Voiceover: Mm-mm. 2:06 Just shake or nod to reply to Siri with AirPods. 2:10 See how much effort you've put in with Apple Watch. 2:12 Whew! Time to chill. 2:15 Take up some space. 2:17 Whoa, that's big! 2:19 Revisit these cuties in Spatial. 2:22 And immerse yourself with these guys on Vision Pro. 2:25 [DISTANT TRUMPETTING] [THUDDING FOOTSTEPS] 2:26 OK, there's more than 18 things. 2:29 Way more. But, whatever! You deserve it. 2:33 See you this fall. - advertisement spot 2024

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