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Alienware 2023 Gaming Monitor Tips w/ Team Liquid's Harmii Ad 2023

Alienware Commercial 2023 Gaming Monitor Tips w/ Team Liquid's Harmii spot commercial 2023

Gaming Monitor Tips w/ Team Liquid's Harmii

From a top-of-the-line refresh rate, to an optimized esports base, the AW2523HF has it all. Don't just take our word for it, see what Team Liquid’s Harmii has to say about it! Find out more at

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0:00 [Music]
0:03 hi all I'm Hami FPS player and connect
0:05 creator for Team Liquid anywhere just
0:07 dropped their new 25-inch Esports
0:09 monitor the 2523 HF it brings a ton of
0:12 updates to your gaming setup let's check
0:14 it out choosing which monitor to use for
0:16 your competitive setup is always
0:17 challenging the first thing I'm looking
0:19 for is the refresh rate which means you
0:21 see more frames and to be more accurate
0:23 the highest rate out there right now is
0:25 360 Hertz and it's a standard one for
0:28 Esports tournaments which also the
0:30 monitor has the second thing I'm looking
0:32 for is the response time it's the time
0:35 between an action happening and the
0:36 display showing normally esport monitors
0:38 use it between 3 and 1 milliseconds but
0:41 this one has a lightning fast 0.5
0:43 milliseconds response as a pro or
0:46 streamer you want to make sure that your
0:47 gear is set up the most optimal way we
0:49 are starting with the position of the
0:50 monitor important things are distance
0:52 height and rotation some people likes to
0:55 be really close to their monitor because
0:57 there's no distraction and they're more
0:58 focused on the game the other ones like
1:00 it a bit farther away for me personally
1:02 I always have like the range of my
1:04 forearm so this fits perfect for me but
1:07 in such situations I always Lean Forward
1:09 because I'm more focused on the game I
1:11 always like to position my monitor so it
1:13 leans a bit backwards it should look
1:14 something like this and for the height
1:16 the Crosshair should always be on my eye
1:18 level this monitor fits perfect for me
1:20 because I'm leaning my monitor backwards
1:23 and it's using an IPS panel which lets
1:25 the screen always look perfect from
1:26 every angle now that we've positioned
1:28 our monitor it's time to think about our
1:30 position from our mouse and keyboard
1:31 every gamer has its own preferences and
1:33 it's the most challenging one for
1:35 everyone I'm gonna show you how I play
1:37 and some other people that perform on a
1:39 high level a small amount of people
1:40 likes to play in the office way they
1:42 have their mouse and keyboard defaults
1:43 trolls and me like to angle it 45
1:45 degrees so it feels more comfortable for
1:48 us and it's easier to win games another
1:50 good thing when you angling your
1:52 keyboard is that you have more space
1:53 with your mouse
1:55 the next thing we are looking at is the
1:56 sensitivity sensitivity is measured in
1:58 DPI the most common one are 400 and 800
2:01 DPI I am using 800 myself the new
2:04 monitor has a stand with a new design
2:07 which allows you to angle your keyboard
2:08 easier and have more space with your
2:10 mouse usually when I stand up I put my
2:12 headset just on my setup but this
2:14 monitor has a headset holder which also
2:17 lets your setup looks clean up
2:20 approved by Harmony
2:21 I hope I was able to help you find your
2:23 perfect setup see you on the server - advertsiment spot 2023

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