Release Date: 2019-11-12

About Xbox Meet Spencer Allen – A Gaming for Everyone Story ad

VIDEO Xbox Meet Spencer Allen – A Gaming for Everyone Story TV commercial 2019 • When everyone plays, we all win.

In this inspirational film, we meet lifelong gamer Spencer Allen – reconnecting with the top of his game with a little help from the Xbox Adaptive Controller and the adaptations he made to the controller. Huge shout-out to Spencer and his family for sharing their story with us!

“Every single person on Team Xbox is working together to make gaming accessible, equitable, and sustainable for all.” - Phil Spencer

00:02 - Creativity is important for me because it's freedom.
00:07 It really allows me to think outside the box,
00:11 and create things that people haven't created before.
00:17 - And we're so fortunate that we live in a day and age
00:19 when we have all this technology that he can use.
00:21 Those things that he has available to work with now
00:24 wouldn't have been available 20 years ago.
00:26 (soft music)
00:34 - I've known Spencer since I was like three years old.
00:37 Grew up right down the street, literally across the street.
00:40 I would like run over here.
00:42 We'd hang out and stuff.
00:43 - As long as they've had games out, we've been playing.
00:46 - I mean, we didn't stop playing Halo
00:48 'til like forever. (laughs)
00:50 It was great.
00:51 - I think that's what got me into it the most,
00:54 the social aspect of it.
01:00 I didn't think about gaming 'til the adaptive controller
01:04 came out, but once it became available,
01:07 then it was always on my mind.
01:11 - There was an ad that came out and he saw it
01:14 and it was right before Christmas,
01:16 so we got him the controller for Christmas.
01:19 - I got the device, not knowing, 'cause I'm not a gamer.
01:21 I don't know what any of the buttons do.
01:24 And I got that thinking, okay, here it is.
01:31 - There's a lot of things to work out.
01:34 When I originally saw the one-handed joystick on
01:37 Microsoft's website, I didn't think it was gonna work for
01:41 me because there was no attachments that my hand could use.
01:46 Nothin' that was really sensitive enough to play the games
01:49 hat I wanted to, like Halo and games that require a lot
01:53 of movement and a lot of button use.
01:56 When I saw that there are parts out there that work
01:59 for that controller, that's when I was finally like, okay,
02:02 this is pretty cool.
02:03 I can build on this.
02:06 I already had the shape in mind, the U shape
02:08 that I needed too, in mind with metal ones at first,
02:14 and they were just too heavy.
02:16 It lead me to, well, 3D printing is probably the best way
02:19 for me to solve that problem.
02:22 This is my first
02:25 cut-out of the tray.
02:27 Tried to model it as much as I could
02:29 after the original controller.
02:31 Then it just lead me to step-by-step switching little things
02:36 here and there to finally getting to the point that
02:39 it was working for me.
02:41 I've probably made
02:44 at least 15 different iterations
02:47 of the joystick itself.
02:50 Just the joy of playing games again really kept me goin'.
02:59 - After seeing it actually cut out with the design on it,
03:02 I was like, so many other people
03:05 can use this besides Spencer.
03:08 I was like, we gotta play some games, man.
03:12 - This is something that we can do together again.
03:15 It's been really nice.
03:18 - I just love seeing him be able to do fun things
03:21 with his friends, you know, all together again,
03:23 just like they were before.
03:27 - I'm not done with it yet, by any means.
03:30 But once
03:33 everyone that wants to game again, can.
03:36 Then I'll know I'm done.
03:39 (upbeat music) -

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