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About Xbox Inside Halo: Outpost Discovery and Games with Xbox Game Pass ad

VIDEO Xbox Inside Halo: Outpost Discovery and Games with Xbox Game Pass TV commercial 2019 • In this week's show we go inside #Halo : Outpost Discovery, try 5 new games available with Xbox Game Pass, plus have 3 more games to play this week, and much more. Jump in - the water is great.

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00:08 this week we have new games for you to
00:10 play a look inside halo outpost
00:13 discovery and will decide which of our
00:16 friends will live and which ones won't
00:18 in The Dark Pictures Anthology let's
00:21 dive into this week on Xbox halo outpost
00:24 discovery launched in Orlando Florida
00:27 this past weekend it is the ultimate
00:29 halo experience engage in battle on the
00:32 combat deck and training ground escape
00:35 the Cubbies and get up close with the
00:37 heroes of the Halo universe I just got
00:40 back from Orlando it had one of the best
00:42 VR experiences you actually get to
00:45 become a Spartan you are not going to
00:47 want to miss it when halo outpost
00:49 discovery comes next to the Pennsylvania
00:51 Convention Center in Philadelphia July
00:54 19th to the 21st next up Chicago August
00:58 2nd to the 4th Houston August 16th and
01:02 18th and Anaheim California
01:04 August 30th through September 1st check
01:07 out the link in the description for all
01:09 the details The Dark Pictures Anthology
01:12 Man of Medan is now available for
01:15 pre-order it's the first game from the
01:17 dark pictures anthology a series of
01:20 branching horror stories from the genre
01:22 experts at supermassive games the game
01:25 also features two multiplayer modes and
01:28 every decision will make a difference
01:30 for the survival of you and your friends
01:33 [Music]
01:39 there are five new games available with
01:43 Xbox game pass today try blazing Chrome
01:47 Dead Rising 4 / LEGO City Undercover /
01:56 Timespinner and Unavowed and of
02:04 course don't forget to check out Xbox
02:07 game pass quests for the chance to win
02:09 an elite controller and a trip to Paris
02:12 games week just by playing games
02:14 check out more at the link in the
02:16 description the perfect summertime game
02:19 fishing planet is now available and it
02:22 looks amazing on Xbox one the console
02:25 edition brings together all of the DLC
02:27 that's been created since launch and
02:29 includes over 100 kinds of fish 18
02:32 gorgeous locations to cast your line and
02:34 thousands of tackle options it's all the
02:37 fishing at none of the mosquitoes this
02:39 summer
02:40 SolSeraph has launched the game
02:42 combines side-scrolling action with
02:44 top-down city building and tower defense
02:47 you'll control Helios to defeat monsters
02:49 and help restore human civilization it's
02:53 coming from the ACE team who brought you
02:55 Rock of Ages and Zeno Clash grab it from
02:57 the Microsoft Store today. The bonus for
03:00 this week features a fan favorite
03:03 free-to-play game Warframe! Tennocon took
03:06 place last weekend and showed there has
03:08 never been a better time to play
03:10 piloting battleships through asteroid
03:12 filled space to take on newly designed
03:15 boss battles with a revolutionised
03:17 multiplayer system that's just one
03:19 reason to jump on in the game is
03:22 welcoming to new players and updates
03:23 have expanded the universe and deep in
03:26 the game's lore with much more on the
03:28 way it's free-to-play so download it
03:31 today and join over 50 million players
03:34 that's the latest news from this week on
03:36 xbox thank you for watching
03:39 [Xbox Sound]
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