Long John Silver's Great American Steak Dinner Commercial

Release Date: 2016-08-26
LongHorn Steakhouse TV Commercial • LongHorn Steakhouse advertsiment • Great American Steak Dinner • LongHorn Steakhouse Great American Steak Dinner TV commercial • Introducing LongHorn’s Great American Steak Dinner.

At Longhorn, steak is all you need, but it’s not all you get. Introducing Longhorn’s Great American Steak Dinner for $12.99. Perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. Plus one of 5 appetizers like our spicy chicken bites or a dessert. All with fresh salad and unlimited bread. The Great American Steak Dinner, for 12.99 tonight, only at Longhorn Steakhouse. You Can’t Fake Steak. And for lunch try our new Steakhouse Burger. Or get any of our steakhouse lunch combos starting at $7.99)

0:00 at longhorn steak is all you need
0:04 not all you get longhorns great American state dinner for 1299 perfectly seasoned
0:11 sirloin with your choice of side plus an appetizer
0:15 for dessert all fresh salad
0:18 Fred great American steak dinner well 99 tonight only longhorn steakhouse
0:24 you can't bake steak for lunch try our Steakhouse burger or any steak house
0:28 lunch combo starting at seven ninety-nine

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Long John Silver'sGreat American Steak Dinner  Commercial
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