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Charmin Potty Training Bears - Ultra Soft Commercial

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Release Date: 2016-07-19
Charmin TV Commercial • Charmin advertsiment • Potty Training Bears - Ultra Soft • Charmin Potty Training Bears - Ultra Soft TV commercial • One of the first steps in potty training is learning how to use toilet paper and the Charmin bears show you how to get clean without the wasteful wadding. Less is more with Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper! Enjoy the Go!

0:00 then we wanted up to make it nice and soft
0:03 but grandma we charmin ultra soft so we don't have to want to get em cushiony
0:09 and we can use less charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful
0:15 wanting it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer and more absorbent
0:19 and you can use up to four times less remember that Charmin in there
0:24 no wasteful wanting we all go why not enjoy the go with Charmin.

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Video - Charmin Potty Training Bears - Ultra Soft Commercial 2016

Charmin ad 2016

CharminPotty Training  Bears - Ultra Soft Commercial

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