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Crest HD: See what real people are saying Commercial

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Release Date: 2016-07-19
Crest TV Commercial • Crest advertsiment • HD: See what real people are saying • Crest HD: See what real people are saying TV commercial • We gave real people Crest [HD] to test for two weeks. The results are in their reactions, and the statistics. Brushing with Crest [HD] provides users with 6x cleaning* and 6x whitening* than other ordinary toothpastes. Plus, it provides superior sensitivity relief to Sensodyne* at two weeks. Don’t think Crest [HD] can do it all? Find out for yourself.

0:00 can a toothpaste do everything well this clean was like pow
0:03 it felt like I had just gone to the dentist it just kind of like white
0:07 everything Lee are blowing they look great I so why Christine six times
0:12 cleaning six times whitening and the two weeks
0:15 superior sensitivity relief to the leading sensitivity toothpaste
0:18 I actually really like the two-step crest HD step one cleans step 2 whitens
0:24 it's the whole package
0:25 no one's done this crest healthy beautiful smiles for life.

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Video - Crest HD: See what real people are saying Commercial 2016

Crest ad 2016

CrestHD: See what real people are saying Commercial

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