GrubHub Ask the Rib Expert Commercial 2016

Release Date: 2016-07-19
Grubhub TV Commercial • Grubhub advertsiment • Ask the Rib Expert • Grubhub Ask the Rib Expert TV commercial • Graduate of the French Culinary Institute and Pit Master of Mighty Quinn's Barbeque, Hugh Mangum sure knows a thing or two about ribs. We sat down with this NYC restaurateur to learn what sets one style apart from the next.

0:00 my name is Hugh Mangum i am the pit master and co-founder of mighty Quinn's
0:04 barbecue
0:05 now we'll talk about some regional styles BBQ the major differences between
0:10 north and south carolina is that north carolina is a vinegar-based sauce and
0:15 South Carolina is a monster bass songs
0:20 density is known for its sauce it's known for being a stickier sweeter sauce
0:25 it's not necessarily for corby fits both
0:28 Memphis is synonymous with spirits whether it's dry or sauce
0:35 when you think of Memphis.

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GrubHub Ask the Rib Expert  Commercial
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