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Nivea Essentially Enriched - Noticeably smother skin TV Commercial ad advert 2017

Release Date: Jan-2017
NIVEA TV Commercial • NIVEA advertsiment • Essentially Enriched - Noticeably smother skin • NIVEA Essentially Enriched - Noticeably smother skin TV commercial • Indulge in rich, nourishing moisture. Specifically formulated for very dry to rough skin, Essentially Enriched Lotion gives your skin the intensive moisture it needs. Within two weeks, Essentially Enriched Lotion transforms very dry skin into healthier looking, more nourished, hydrated skin.

Rich, moisturizing formula with Vitamin E leaves skin softer, smoother and healthier looking.

0:00 try nivea essentially enriched body
0:03 lotion the unique formula with
0:05 nourishing almond oil leave skin
0:07 smoother moisturised for 24 hours
0:10 nivea essentially enriched for
0:12 noticeably through their skin and now
0:15 trying to nourishing body oil to
0:17 intensively moisturize and nourish the
0:19 skin


Nivea Commercial 2017

NiveaEssentially Enriched - Noticeably smother skin Commercial

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