Release Date: 2019-01-29

About Under Armour Renew Your Resolve: Week 5 Day 1 | UA 360 ad

VIDEO Under Armour Renew Your Resolve: Week 5 Day 1 | UA 360 TV commercial 2019 • Join Katie Crewe for a victory lap through the last Circuit exercise of the first month of UA 360. Congrats. You’ve come a long way.

00:03 [Music]
00:05 we're in our final week we're right near
00:08 the end you guys have been doing so well
00:10 so far but we really want to start
00:12 thinking about taking these short-term
00:13 new year's resolution goals and turning
00:16 them into longer-term lifestyle changes
00:18 so a couple things to point out for this
00:19 workout we're doing barbell front squats
00:21 it's very important that you keep your
00:23 elbows up not everyone has the wrist
00:25 mobility to get into a comfortable front
00:27 rack position so if you don't that's
00:28 totally okay cross those arms out in
00:30 front keep those elbows up in that core
00:32 tight and speaking of core for our
00:34 planking exercises you really want to
00:36 make sure you're engaging your core and
00:38 you're really slowing things down to
00:40 make sure that you're staying tight so
00:42 here's today's workout for pairings 1 &
00:44 2 you're gonna be doing barbell front
00:46 squats renegade rows
00:54 and finishing with push back with me
00:57 touch pairings three and four we're
01:02 going to be doing barbell back squats
01:04 [Music]
01:07 TRX Y flies and finishing with plank
01:13 with soulder touch
01:17 here's your workout take that screenshot
01:19 we're almost done you only have two
01:21 workouts left after today so let's get
01:23 it done push through and stay focused

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