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Argos Chad Valley My Wooden Town TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Jul-2016
Argos TV Advert • Argos advertsiment • Chad Valley My Wooden Town • Argos Chad Valley My Wooden Town TV Advert • Build an entire town with Chad Valley Wooden toys, including our Fire & Police Station and Doll House.

0:00 this is the garage where I live
0:04 this is the bank fail acosta all the money so just got the books in the
0:09 library
0:10 this is the most important place in the hole straight
0:13 the police and the firemen live here they're always ready for emergencies
0:17 the dog show them where to go the house at the end of the Rajas when mr mrs
0:22 workplace chat Valley wooden toys on this hog

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Argos tv advertising
Argos tv Commercial

ArgosChad Valley My Wooden Town Commercial

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