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IBM Reimagine Data Protection TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Jul-2016
IBM TV Advert • IBM advertsiment • Reimagine Data Protection • IBM Reimagine Data Protection TV Advert • The days of boring back-ups are over. Discover the endless possibilities when you reimagine your data protection, with IBM Spectrum Protect. To learn more about how you can modernise data protection

0:00 there was a time when wherever you look
0:03 adventure was waiting to the end when your imagination could take something
0:07 simple and turn it into so much more and like IBM spectrum storage the
0:12 possibilities were endless
0:14 the lightning fast race car then push the limits of speed agility winding
0:20 around the track flocking towards the finish line
0:23 the airplane sword through the clouds modernize and travel the versatility to
0:29 take you to different worlds
0:31 the reliable submarine fearless and over and uncharted territories
0:36 instead fast train the transport of your most prized possessions safely and
0:41 efficiently
0:42 see the possibilities when you reimagine your data protection


IBM tv advertising
IBM tv Commercial

IBMReimagine Data Protection Commercial

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