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KFC An official apology to the people of Ireland from KFC #SorryNotSorry Advert

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Release Date: Jul-2016
KFC TV Advert • KFC advertsiment • An official apology to the people of Ireland from KFC #SorryNotSorry • KFC An official apology to the people of Ireland from KFC #SorryNotSorry TV Advert • The KFC O’Sanders burger is the latest in a long line of things coming from America and claiming to be Irish. And apart from the Cork cheddar and the Irish Pride bun, there’s nothing really Irish about it. But that didn’t stop us giving it a bogus Irish name: ‘O’Sanders’.

We're sorry for that.

So sorry in fact, that we enlisted Randy O’Brien, our Chief Apology Officer. Legend has it that once upon a time Colonel Sanders himself made the trip to Ireland to search for his ancestors. Did he find any? It doesn’t matter. Because the burger’s not really Irish
and we’re not really sorry.

0:00 top of the afternoon to do my name is Randy O'Brien and I owe you an apology
0:05 on behalf of myself and the 35 million Americans claiming to be Irish
0:10 I am truly very sorry I'm sorry for every time we got one of your beautiful
0:15 names wrong
0:16 in fact i'd like to individually apologize to mia CN a waifa co bond and
0:22 implement boy Oh Danny Boy we sorry for that
0:26 I hope you can find it in your Celtic hearts to forgive us for every time we
0:30 asked if you knew our great-great-grandfather or the
0:33 o'donovan's from Connie marry or asked where you hid your pot of gold
0:38 you're not all freckled leprechauns I know that note please accept our
0:44 sincerest apologies for every time we called it patty's day or turn something
0:49 green just to make it a little extra Irish launch
0:54 that's Irish for sorry
0:56 but more than all of that I would like to apologize for this
1:01 the KFC or Sanders burger original recipe chicken and Irish pride bun with
1:08 onion rings for cheddar and a barbecue glaze
1:15 sweet Mary Mother gosh darn it that's good
1:20 so it's not really Irish so what
1:28 the Bergen
1:31 he had not now


KFC tv advertising
KFC tv Commercial

KFCAn official apology to the people of Ireland from KFC #SorryNotSorry advert

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