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Aldi Back to School Uniform Range - School Uniforms Are Now Available TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Jul-2016
Aldi TV Advert • Aldi advertsiment • Back to School Uniform Range - School Uniforms Are Now Available • Aldi Back to School Uniform Range - School Uniforms Are Now Available TV Advert • Check out Aldi’s new Back to School range, where the toughest of kids put our £3.69 uniform package through the roughest of conditions!

0:00 watch this law dressed in their audi cloves
0:04 I don't care for appearances the uniforms come along for the ride
0:07 regardless take our athlete for example a future star who doesn't suffer fools
0:12 after school he spent be in the boys at football or break time is just long
0:16 enough to fit in five minutes of scotch and a skip American with her best night
0:20 then we have our adventure and explorer heart when he's describing his needs in
0:25 a quest for a new secret hideout is elbow deep in mud
0:28 he's brave bold and laughed in the face of your request to keep off the grass
0:33 move over pic ass out because next up is our artists armed to the teeth with
0:37 enough brushes and paint pots to literally paint the town red specialize
0:42 in an abstract are anything that canvas including our polo sure
0:46 and he's our aspiring chef who loves nothing more than cracking an egg auto
0:50 flower in his boys on his clothes
0:52 it doesn't matter all that matters is the dough and there you have it a school
0:56 uniform that can handle dat sapphist the kids in the roughest conditions but the
1:00 most important question what do your parents think they ruled the value of
1:05 active brilliant
1:06 you get 2 t-shirts still travels the jumper for less money than just want a
1:11 t-shirt from somewhere else
1:12 we had the uniform for years Tilly absolutely loves there
1:16 it's good quality and they really comfortable to wear the white boy
1:20 I master great value place that hard either a lot of the school year
1:24 that's like this album


Aldi tv advertising
Aldi tv Commercial

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