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Fabletics 1 Million Strong TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Jul-2016
Fabletics TV Advert • Fabletics advertsiment • 1 Million Strong • Fabletics 1 Million Strong TV Advert • We've reached 1 million global VIP members! Celebrate with us as we dedicate the entire month to reflect on how much YOU'VE helped us grow, and look forward to what's next. Check your emails all month for fun surprises.

0:00 we are a million VIP I can't believe it
0:03 these are the women that were highlighting inside of our communities
0:06 that have really cool stories and I'm just so happy with their part of our
0:11 mission to empower women


Fabletics tv advertising
Fabletics tv Commercial

Fabletics1 Million Strong Commercial

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