IKEA Spaghetti Slurping Contest - #MakeMoreThanJustFood advert 2016

Release Date: 2016-07-13
IKEA TV Advert • IKEA advertsiment • Spaghetti Slurping Contest - #MakeMoreThanJustFood • IKEA Spaghetti Slurping Contest - #MakeMoreThanJustFood TV Advert • Cooking together is about so much more than food. There’s fun, laughter and sometimes a little healthy competition. Find out what happened when Granddad the experienced champion, went up against his Granddaughter Jo the plucky underdog, in a Spaghetti Slurping Contest!

0:02 cooking together can be lots of that
0:06 especially when it's with granddad but who can suck a single strand the fast
0:13 granddaughter vs grand
0:17 views
0:18 vs experience
0:20 3 2 1 0
0:24 look at that concentration
0:27 just have the power
0:31 gobble gobble
0:34 nice try grandad that luck next time
0:38 fantastic job
0:41 all a window Supremes look at this very /
0:47 yeah
0:48 yeah

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IKEA Spaghetti Slurping Contest - #MakeMoreThanJustFood advert
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