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Optiwell Thank Goodness TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Jul-2016
Optiwell TV Advert • Optiwell advertsiment • Thank Goodness • Optiwell Thank Goodness TV Advert • What tides Holly Willoughby over until dinner? Watch to find out! Optiwell. The New Yogurt Drink that's full of fruity yogurty deliciousness. Thank Goodness.

0:05 we've all been there you get home after a long day and all you want to do is put
0:10 your feet up and ready
0:12 but with dinner a few hours away
0:15 you need a little something to tide you over thank goodness for optimal fruity
0:21 yogurt e deliciousness that always keeps me going
0:24 hello I can never resist going back for more and up - well I'm goodness

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Optiwell tv advertising
Optiwell tv Commercial

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