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a2 Milk YCN Winner: Robert Hancock advert

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Release Date: Jul-2016
a2 Milk
a2 Milk TV Advert • a2 Milk advertsiment • YCN Winner: Robert Hancock • a2 Milk YCN Winner: Robert Hancock TV Advert • This video is produced by Robert Hancock, Bath Spa University. Robert was one of three winners from the YCN student awards. For more information about a2 Milk

0:00 drinking milk is to make me feel very very not very well and then my mom found
0:11 out about a to milk a to milk is natural fresh council for people like me feel ya
0:19 key when made during normal male a2 milk doesn't contain the a1 protein that many
0:25 people struggle to digest which can often lead to a feeling of floating
0:29 gasps and stomach pain
0:31 so you and your family can enjoy the health benefits and we taste of milk
0:35 every day
0:37 thanks if you'd like to try a to milk please
0:41 hum if you'd like to try a to milk behind your ear store at a 2 minutes .
0:46 that uk8 real milk for people who don't get on with milk

a2 Milk tv advertising
a2 Milk tv Commercial

a2 MilkYCN Winner: Robert Hancock advert

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a2 Milk YCN Winner: Robert Hancock
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