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Lynx Men In Progress - Motivation advert

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Release Date: Jul-2016
Lynx TV Advert • Lynx advertsiment • Men In Progress - Motivation • Lynx Men In Progress - Motivation TV Advert • What does it take to rise to the top? What motivates you to get there and what separates the winners from the wieners? Anthony Joshua shares what goes into being a champion.

We asked a group of guys what it takes to be a man in 2016. Check out what they said in our Men In Progress series.

0:00 I was given their bloody noses black eyes and I realize and I got a little
0:03 bit of talent
0:03 nothing gets handed to you on a plate well trained three four five times a
0:08 week
0:08 it all comes together on that particular moment imagine you're coming up these
0:11 steps into an arena
0:12 I - I know your opponent across the ring

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Lynx tv advertising
Lynx tv Commercial

LynxMen In Progress - Motivation advert

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