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Colgate #MyBestMe with Liza Prideaux TV ad advert 2016

Release Date: Jul-2016
Colgate TV Advert • Colgate advertsiment • #MyBestMe with Liza Prideaux • Colgate #MyBestMe with Liza Prideaux TV Advert • Maximise what you've got and be the best version of yourself with Colgate Expert White toothpaste. #MyBestMe

beauty listening to use it find your qualities thinking positive options is not something i've always had as a child as a teenager or even as an ad out when i was younger i am I have braces and since then everyone is always complimented on my smile I like to use the colgate max white and expert white toothpaste makes my teeth so white so bright and i'm so confident and walking out that door knowing that my smile is bright and white don't just look your best be your best we've colgate expert white#OralB #Crest #toothbrush #3DWhite #toothbrushes #colgate

Colgate tv advertising
Colgate tv Commercial

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