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Weight Watchers Say Yes - Lose 7x TV ad advert 2017

Release Date: Jan-2017
Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers TV Advert • Weight Watchers advertsiment • Say Yes - Lose 7x • Weight Watchers Say Yes - Lose 7x TV Advert • Say yes to Weight Watchers and you could lose 7x more weight than on your own.

0:00 say yes to weight watchers and you could
0:02 lose seven times more weight than on
0:04 your own say yes to food that tastes
0:07 amazing to moving more and making it
0:09 count
0:10 say yes to your sweet tooth to eating
0:13 out and dining in so you can say yes to
0:16 feeling great and eating great say yes
0:20 to success say yes with weight watchers
0:23 and you can lose seven times more weight
0:25 than on your own
0:26 join today and get a free Smart Start
0:28 Guide


Weight Watchers tv advertising
Weight Watchers tv Commercial

Weight WatchersSay Yes - Lose 7x Commercial

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