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Sainsburys Tu Halloween advert

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Release Date: Oct-2016
Sainsbury's TV Advert • Sainsbury's advertsiment • Tu Halloween • Sainsbury's Tu Halloween TV Advert •
0:06 Wow
0:08 Come on, I'll come with you
0:11 Amazing
0:13 What's that?
0:13 You want to have a look in there?
0:16 Can you open it?
0:18 What are you looking for?
0:19 I've got an idea. You can wear this
0:23 That’s a Halloween princess dress. I don’t think Daddy can fit into this
0:26 I'm going to wear this one
0:27 Yeah because it's got googly eyes
0:33 I like that one. Do you want to try this one on?
0:35 Nice dress. Do a big twirl, let me see. Beautiful
0:40 Look what daddy found
0:43 I want to try this one
0:48 Trick or treat, smelly feet, give me something nice to eat. Please
0:56 I’m trying this, this and this
0:59 I think I’ll try this one on Joseph
1:03 If they’ve got a pumpkin on the door, you knock on the door and say “trick or treat”
1:12 A ghost is just shy
1:14 *Roars*
1:15 Boo
1:18 *Roars*
1:19 *Roars*
1:20 *Roars*
1:21 *Roars*

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Sainsburys tv advertising
Sainsburys tv Commercial

SainsburysTu Halloween advert

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