Giffgaff Share the love advert 2016

Release Date: 2016-10-04
giffgaff TV Advert • giffgaff advertsiment • Share the love • giffgaff Share the love TV Advert • Sharing, at giffgaff we think it's a pretty wonderful thing. That's why if you like us and share a SIM with a friend we'll give you £5. And we'll credit your friend with £5 too.

0:00 sherek I get gas we think is a pretty wonderful thing that's why he liked us
0:07 and share some with the friends will give you five pounds and because we like
0:13 showing so much will credit your friend five pounds to not just for one friend
0:18 for as many friends as you want to share the love with and you'll get free UK
0:23 calls and texts to them for as long as you're always giffgaff sharing is easy
0:28 just go to github.com / air or some sims they can be delivered to you or directly
0:35 to your friend there once their summer arrives and your friend activates it
0:38 you'll get five pound payback and they'll get five-pound credit so you're
0:44 sharing and friends mounter the more you share the more you get a nice one
0:52 get started today giftcards.com slasher


Giffgaff Share the love advert
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