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De Agostini The Zippo Collection advert

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Release Date: Sep-2016
De Agostini
De Agostini TV Advert • De Agostini advertsiment • The Zippo Collection • De Agostini The Zippo Collection TV Advert •
0:00 start your official zippo lighter collection call free on oh-eight-hundred
0:05 3685 3a2 or go online and most Center your first two offences of highlighters
0:11 and magazines or just 1498 with free postage that's a massive saving of 25
0:17 pounds
0:18 order now and we'll also send you this the pouch absolutely free
0:22 discover an exclusive music design every issue and explore their heritage of this
0:27 classic American style icon start your zipper collection now with your first
0:32 two lighters and magazines for just holding 98 and get your free bonus gift
0:37 while stocks last the agostini


De Agostini tv advertising
De Agostini tv Commercial

De AgostiniThe Zippo Collection advert

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