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BSI Consumer Trust in 2016 advert

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Release Date: Sep-2016
BSI TV Advert • BSI advertsiment • Consumer Trust in 2016 • BSI Consumer Trust in 2016 TV Advert •
0:00 we've been in edinboro Dana half we've had a great conference this year for us
0:11 in the conference for the consumer public interest network we've been very
0:15 fortunate to be joined by so many people from across the consumer landscape you
0:20 give me that I'm freely and to come and share with us their thoughts like what
0:25 the real issues are that concerning consumers and not just in Scotland where
0:30 we are today but across the whole United Kingdom all the information we've gone
0:33 through with all the slides and lots of notes more sessions will be available in
0:38 the dsi website i do encourage you to go and have a look at that and thanks for
0:42 listening


BSI tv advertising
BSI tv Commercial

BSIConsumer Trust in 2016 advert

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BSI Consumer Trust in 2016
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